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Essential Tips to Avoid and Recover from Baseball Injuries

From being a competitive team sport to favorite pastime sport, baseball is one of the most popular American sports. It is no wonder youth baseball and softball participation is on the rise. However, we can see the increase in injury as well. Yes, about 14% of youth emergency-related sports injuries are from baseball. In fact, overuse injuries are rising among young baseball players, and more youth pitchers are undergoing Tommy John surgery and take uptommy john recovery program in Illinois to recover quickly.

While acute injuries cannot be avoided, there are certain things a baseball player can do to reduce the risk of overuse injuries and even help in a quick recovery of an injury. The following preventive measures should be encouraged by coaches to keep their baseball players safe and off the bench. 

Warm Up Regularly

Though it is a common suggestion, it is often ignored and not taken seriously. Pre-game warm up is crucial in any sport including, baseball. As baseball involves lots of movements including twisting, jumping, and lateral movements, it is necessary to warm well before start playing so that your body will be prepared to stretch and twist.

Like other baseball players, the pitcher must also warm up prior to the game. He should warm up for at least 5-10 minutes. Besides, warming up should be done properly so that you don’t do it too much and end up getting tired before playing the game. Warming up before the game help prepare your circulatory system, muscles for exertion, and reduce the chances of injury including arp wave ucl tear

Rotate Positions

In order to avoid overuse baseball injuries, players should be rotated as it is caused by repetitive motion with no sufficient break or recovery time. By switching the positions, you can give the overused muscles a break. Though it is difficult to do with a pitcher, it is essential to follow the pitch count guidelines established by the league to avoid overuse injuries. Besides, a pitcher should not pitch on consecutive days to give their muscles enough time to recover.

Concentrate on Good Mechanics and Mobility

Throwing and batting without following proper techniques can lead to shoulder, elbow, and back injuries. By concentrating on proper movement and stabilization, you can decrease the risk of an overuse injury. In fact, physical therapists and trainers are keen when it comes to mobility and ensuring a full range of motion. They analyze the biomechanics of each player; assess their weakness and areas where it needs improvement. As weakness, inflexibility, and imbalance could to lead to both acute and overuse injuries, coaches will design a training program that targets these areas, which help prevent many injuries.

Many injuries may require a long time to recover and rehabilitate. However, if caught early, players can easily recover from the injury by taking up baseball injury recovery program in Illinois and recover quickly with no long-term damage. Many factors lead to baseball injuries. But, with proper education and intervention, there is a high chance to decrease the prevalence of the injuries.