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Different industries which are using 3D animation technology extensively

Science and technology are making progress and developments in leaps and bounds. In this regard mention needs to be made of animation technologies, which are also showing great advancements. Animated movies and video games are becoming increasingly popular with kids as well as adults. With 3D animation, characters look more natural and life-like. Finer details have been made possible with 3D animation. The first implementation of 3D animation in movies took place way back in 1995 when Pixar’s Toy Story was released. Though animation has been used extensively in movies and video games since long, the 3D effects made them look all the more realistic.

Today along with gaming and movies, 3D animation technology is being used in many other industries as well. Here are some of the industries where the technology is being implemented extensively:

Real estate industry

Real estate companies are investing greatly in 3D industry. How? Have you ever taken a look at any real estate company’s website where they have showcased projects that are being developed? In most of them you will find a complete project model with details of the properties. You will also be taken on a virtual tour of the whole project so that you can understand what the thing will be like. And all this is done in 3D technology to give a real-life feeling.

By architects and heavy engineering design manufacturers

Architects implement various technologies to create the best of buildings, bridges and other commercial structures. With 3D animation, it is possible to understand what the project would look like once it is completed. This was not possible with 2D animation as it had a kind of artificiality. Along with architects, industries that are involved in manufacturing of cars, bicycles, ships and other heavy engineering goods also benefit from 3D animation technology as the technology provides a 3-dimensional view of the object (real life like).

Interior designing

Interior designers can provide great makeover to your property or a particular room. There was a time when you would be asked to choose from designs that were presented in albums. Now with 3D animation and installation of specific interior designing software, interior designers as well as the customer will be able to see the actual design right in front of them on their computer screen. The visuals will help in getting an accurate idea if the design will be suitable for the room or not.

Medicine field

Technology like 3D animation has extensive usage in the medicine field. Usually the animations are used for training and educational purposes. For instance a wannabe surgeon can learn and understand surgery much better with 3D animation as it provides an overall picture of the surgery. It seems as if the surgery is being carried out right in front of one’s eyes. Since 3D animation provides visual presentations, retaining things is easier than reading pages of books.
One of the main reasons why 3D animation is gaining so much hype and popularity is that it has the capability of creating all kinds of real-life like images. With newer innovations and developments being made in 3D animation, more and more industries will use the technology in near future.