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Comparison between 3D and 2D animation – why the former is becoming more popular?

Ever since our childhood we have been fascinated with various animated characters, some of them have also become our superheroes. Whether it is Superman, Spiderman or the Disney characters – we have been entertained by them year after year. But all these animated characters were in 2D version. Sketches of the characters were made and then animation was done on them. This is the reason that they did not have that real-life essence in them. Now with 3D animation, great changes have come to the animation industry. 3D animated characters seem more realistic when compared to the 2D characters. Drawing comparisons between 2D and 3D animation is not that easy as both have their positives and negatives.

More depth in 3D characters when compared to 2D animated characters

There is no doubt that 3D animated characters have more depth in them when compared to animated characters in 2D format. In 2D animation, the characters are seen only in the x and y axis. But in 3D animation, there is more volume that is provided to the character. This is possible as the designer and the animator have more creative control over the characters. They can decide how the characters will look. With good lighting effects, 3D animation will have a different look and feel. But it will not be of much use in 2D animation. Also in 3D animation, various kinds of textures can be used on the different animated characters. This imparts more depth to the 3D animated characters.

3D animation more realistic in comparison to 2D animation

There was a time when animation was a thing that had no resemblance with the real world. Animated characters made a world of their own. But now, things have changed drastically and people look for animated characters that seem more realistic. This is possible with the help of 3D animation only. With 3D animated characters it is possible to have a complete view of the character from all angles than just seeing the characters from two specific angles. In 3D animation, the movements of the characters resemble real life people. Not only this, the situations that are presented in these animations resemble normal life greatly. This is the reason that people can identify with 3D animated characters more when compared to 2D animated characters.

Higher audience engagement in 3D animation in competition to 2D animation

Animations are popular with kids as well as with grownups equally. But when audience engagement was compared between 2D and 3D animation, it was seen that 3D animation fared much better than 2D animation. People find it more attractive and compelling to watch 3D animation than 2D animation. Special effects can be used excellently in 3D animation and this is the reason they look so fascinating and real.

Various kinds of software are now available in the market with which great 3D animation can be created. Along with use of 3D animation in movies and animation series, this technique is also implemented for various kinds of business purposes – for making presentations and videos and other engaging content.