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Try making awesome animations with these 5 applications

Did you know that animations have brought sea-change in marketing products – online as well as offline? With good animation, you can explain complex things easily, which is very important for marketing of any kind of service or product. It has been said over and over that visuals have longer and better impressions than simple texts. And when the visuals are in the form of animations, what can be more compelling to customers?

The next question that pops up is how to create animations? With technological advancements, creating a simple animation is like a cakewalk. Various kinds of simple animation tools are available online with which even a novice can create animations. Some of these tools also provide a free trial offer and you can check which tool is the most suitable for your use. Here are some great applications that can help in making animations easily:


If you want to create animated videos for presentations, product demos or for guiding website visitors, Wideo is the best animation application available online. Once registration at the site is done, you can create Wideo animation video free of cost. Paid upgradation facilities are available at the site. Working with Wideo is simple as there are many training videos available along with interactive templates and online help. Options of video-editing are also available within a timeline. On upgradation to a paid version, better options and larger range of objects can be accessed for creating the animated video.


A newbie in the animation field can get great help from PowToon for making animated videos. Interactive presentations and product demos can also be created with the website. Post signing in, a newbie animator can start creating an animation from scratch or choose from the varieties of templates available. Animation assets are abundant on the site including text, people, infographics and various shapes. Video tour of the site is also available for easy understanding.

CrazyTalk Animator 2

CrazyTalk Animator 2 is a different kind of animation application. It is actually a software that needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac. The software comes with watermarked and time-limited trial version so that you can check if it meets your requirements. The software offers text to speech tools enabling configuration of pitch, volume and speed of the animated characters. Customized characters can be created with unique poses and actions. Little experience of handling animation applications will be of great help for running this software as plenty of options are available for animation creation.


A web-based animation creator, GoAnimate is a favorite animation application for creating short animated movies. After 14-day free trial period, one has to subscribe to the site for animation creation. Various animation themes and elements are available in the site including actions, backgrounds, props and even characters. Voice can also be imparted to the characters as per your preference. Customize the animated videos and export, share or download the videos. This application is great for business animations.


When you are a novice in animation making but need an animated video in short span of time, MakeWebVideo should be your first preference. You just need to find the right animation template from the site and start creating the animation. There are not many options available in the application so there are lesser chances of confusions. There is no need of any experience for running this application and making an animation.
Try these awesome animation applications and tools and have some animation fun!