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5 animation trends for 2015

The animation industry revolves around the ever updating technology. Motion pictures like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or ‘Dawn of the Planet of Apes’ showcase that the difference in live action and animation is slowly blurring. Whether on CG or on television, the demand for animation is vast. New technologies have been changing our gaming environment, movies, music videos, advertising and even mobile applications. Here are 5 trends that are currently governing the animation industry globally:

Non-Photorealistic Rendering or NPR

Animation process is continually shifting to NPR as opposed to the traditionally popular CGR (Computer Graphics Rendering). 3D software of today is capable of supporting impressionistic animation that is quite the same as hand drawn media. A good example in this case would be ‘Wall and Chains’.

CG generation Stop Motion

Having governed the animation industry for over a decade, Stop Motion continues to be a huge part of animation products. However, with movies like ‘Boxtrolls’ we can comfortably say that the Stop Motion process of yesteryears are quite inferior to the output we see today. Stop Motion pictures traditionally used photography as the only tools to execution but modern Stop Motion pictures also integrate VFX and CG to create complimenting set extensions that augment several practical elements.

3D printing

Sighting the example of ‘Boxtrolls’ again, 3D printing can be rightly said to have been brought back to the mainstream media. Laika Studio had used 3D printing veraciously while rendering ‘Boxtrolls’ and the results are for everyone to see!

Organic influences

To create a truly memorable experience and stories that the audience can easily relate to, animation production houses have been increasingly used by the ‘organic’. Motion graphics of today is carefully blended with traditional concepts of animation to create blockbusters like ‘Girl Hub’, produced by Man vs. Magnet. Someone who has seen the movie will understand that animation today isn’t just about being able to capture the ‘real world look’ but also understanding of the properties/behavior of the mediums. Another unique movie that needs to be cited in this category would be ‘The Harrowing’. The picture shows an exceptional use of CG animation upon realistic objects (string puppets in this case) amidst an environment that would have been nearly impossible with traditional sets.

Mixed Styles

Dynamism has been the key to create unique and super-realistic animation today. Production houses all across the globe are working with both eastern and western formats to create culturally significant products. One of the best examples would be ‘Big Hero 6’ which is based upon a Marvel Comics series about a Japanese Super Hero team. Western animators are getting highly influenced by eastern formats and vice versa. This doesn’t just provide a visual originality but commercially proves to be a worldwide acceptable product.
As we journey across 2015, we will definitely see more mixing of both analogue and digital formats to create eye candies that are easy to relate with. The general idea with developing rends is to create unique and more realistic imagery that we as kids have been exposed to.