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How Do You Talk About Adoption To Your Partner?

It is a wonderful feeling to have a child at home. Their innocent mesmerizing smile, their baby talks, the way they run around your home and even their simple activities will steal away your heart, gluing them to your thoughts. Who does not wish to have a kid at home?

What about the friends who are battling infertility for years?

The beautiful act of adoption from one of the registered international adoption agencies is the best option to build an inseparable bond between two individuals, which is designed to last a lifetime. This is indeed a boon to the families that fight infertility. But, there are many spouses who are reluctant to move forward with adoption.

“Many irrational observations mention that it is mostly the wife who wants to adopt and the husband who does not want to.”

It is really painful, when you are strong with your opinion and your spouse does not listen to it even after several hours of sermons on adoption or blaming them.

Please don’t do this!

Your words could tear him/her down. Would you want your adopted kid from foreign adoption to enter into a painful world of yours without your spouse on the same page? This will make not only your international child adoption suffer, but will ruin your marriage as well. You don’t want this to happen, right?

It vital to consider some questions within your relationship, even before discussing, they are –

  • Is it that your spouse does not have enough time to grieve over the loss related with infertility?
  • Is it you or your spouse who is diagnosed with infertility?
  • Is the thought of adoption creating a personal painful experience in your partner?

How to Discuss?

  • You should rather start talking with your partner in general and what his/her dreams were concerning own kids. Most men and women dream of themselves being father or mother with a kid, interacting with them, teaching them to paint, play baseball, driving with them, and so much. This would certainly bring up a grief in them, this moment can be used to discuss (don’t convince) about bringing their dreams to reality and how it is going to rejuvenate their future.

  • Rather than convincing your partner for adoption, try to hear their emotional journey, the pain your partner has undergone because of infertility. This will help you take to a discussion level which adds value. Counseling your partner during this time on adopting from international adoption agencies will be very helpful in making solid decisions.

Well, some things cannot be done in a hurry, different people require different speeds of processing. So, never make haste decisions and develop bitterness in your relationship. Give priority to your partner’s feelings and take constructive solutions.