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These are the 5 Signs that Suggest You to Paint your House

Exterior paint has a great impact on the appearance of a house. High quality paints not just serve the purpose of making your house look beautiful, but also protects your property from the harsh external elements as well. Repainting is important to effectively maintain your house, but how do you know it’s the right time to do it? Here are 5 signs noticed by house painters in Sydney that suggest you need to repaint your house:

The paint is flaking or peeling:

One of the common and obvious signs is the paint flaking off or that the paint starts to peel. It is obvious how peeling paint can make your house look horrible and unloved. Besides the poor appearance,  a lot of flaking paint will make it harder and more expensive to prepare and paint, and may cause water to penetrate surfaces, leading to irreparable damage. This will make it even harder and more costly to repair. This is why it is always recommended to stay on top of things, and repaint before things get too bad. As soon as you see that there is cracking in the paint, or flaking in some areas, then it is likely that it might be time for a repaint.

Water Damage:

As mentioned earlier, when paint starts to peel off, wood becomes susceptible to water damage. Always look out for signs of wet rot. Check for any deep cracks along the wood grain. Water damage could also lead to other annoying issues such as mould and fungal growth. Identifying any of these issues will let you determine if you need any repair works to be done, prior to painting with residential painters in Sydney.

Colour Starts Fading:

When the exterior paint is constantly exposed to water and sunlight for a prolonged period, it’s colour naturally starts to fade. This is when you’d need to repaint your house. Exterior paint is an important factor for your house’s street appeal, which further determines the overall value of your property. It’s easy to recognise when your paint starts fading, which will have sections or patches which are lighter or discoloured compared to the rest of the house. Also, dark coloured paints usually fade quicker than lighter ones, which is important when choosing colours. The most important thing is to make sure you use a high quality exterior paint, which will slow down the fading process. Contact your local painters Sydney to come out and have a look at the condition of the paint and give you further advice.

Presence of Perceptual Dirt:

The exterior of your house is constantly exposed to outside elements and gets dirty over time. The dirt gets settled over and over, and it gets to a point at which the surface will never be clean, regardless of how much effort you put into cleaning it. Pressure washing doesn’t always work in this case, which is why it is necessary to contact a painter in Sydney for repainting your house.

Paint Chalking:

Run your hand over the paint. Do you see chalk-like residue on your hand? This is a sign that the condition of your paint is deteriorating and it might be time to repaint your house. Chalking occurs when the paint resins start breaking down, because of overexposure to the external elements. This usually happens only after a very long time, after painting, but is a sure sign that its time to repaint.  Remember to stay on top of things. Repainting after there is significant chalking will mean that the surfaces will need greater amount of washing, and in very bad cases, where washing cannot get rid of all the chalking, then a solvent based primer or sealer binder may be needed to be applied before painting, which will add to the cost. That is why it is important to stay on top and repaint before things get too bad. These are the 5 common signs you should look out for. Get in touch with a reliable painter in Sydney who has more awareness of these potential issues, and will help you find the right solutions to address the issues.