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When is My Child Ready for Preschool?

As we are living in a highly competitive world, it is never too early to enrol your kid in the early childhood program. Nowadays, it is common to see kids being enrolled in child care centre five dock before they understand alphabet and numbers. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you happen to see parents enrolling their children in preschools even before the child is born. Getting your child ready for preschool is essential as it is the foundation and paves the way to your child’s education in the future.

Is your child ready for preschool?

As a new parent, knowing what is good for your kid can be overwhelming. So, it is essential to make the right decision when you are planning to enrol your kid in child care. Choosing the right child care Five Dock is the first big decision you need to make when you would like to send your kid to a preschool. Here are some key indicators that help you decide if your kid is ready to take the big step.

How old is your kid?

It is no wonder that to enrol your kid to child care in Five Dock, your kid must be old enough. Most of the preschools have an age limit and around the age of three years, you can start preparing your child. Many schools have an earlier age of admission like two and a half, so ensure you find that.

Is your kid potty trained?

Some child care may require their students to be potty trained, or at least they should be able to inform the elders. If your child has some knowledge about self-care, including washing the hands, knowing how to zipper the pants, etc. then they are ready for the school.

Does your child interact?

The younger your kid is, the more limited the interaction will be with you. So, when your child becomes older, it becomes easy to communicate with them. If you find that it is easier to interact with your child, it is a sign that he/she is ready for the school. Your kid’s ability to grasp things around them and what is being taught is what can help to decide that they can be enrolled in child care.

How well does your child adapt?

Most of the preschools have a schedule from play time to craft time to snack time. Though children may find it difficult to adapt to these schedules initially, they’ll be used to it soon. But, ensure your child is ready.

Each child is different. While one kid may be ready and respond well at two years of age, others may take a lot of time till four years of age to interact and speak. Putting your kid in child care at the right age is crucial to help mould them. Take your time and find the best child care in Five Dock NSW.