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Why Should You Buy Premium Branded Tyres?

When you think about cars, the first thing that comes to mind is engine supremacy. We talk about engine capacity to horsepower, but what is failed to notice are the tyres. Yes, the wheels. The tyres Marrickville are the only connection between the road surface and the vehicles. Your car may have all the latest safety features, but if the tyres are worn, or poor quality, you and your passengers are not safe.

If you are still sticking to the budget tyres, then it is time to switch over to premium brands like Bridgestone Tyres Marrickville. Even though these branded tyres will deflate your account balance faster, they are well worth in investing. Yes, by purchasing Bridgestone – premium tyre, you are also paying for the huge sums spent on tyre technology, engineering and safety that go into making these tyres both safe and hard-wearing.

The Bridgestone Marrickville tyres consistently outperformed their cheaper rivals, offering improved grip, wear and fuel efficiency. If you are covering several miles each year or engage in a lot of high-speed driving, then the Bridgestone select tyres could be well worth shelling out a little extra for.

Why should you go for premium branded tyres?

Premium branded tyre manufacturers invest a huge amount in research and development every year. They are continually innovating to keep up with the changes that take place with new automotive development. As a result, there is an increasing demand for improved safety and better performance.

With rigorous research and development process, tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone fine-tune their compound formulations; tread patterns and structures of the tyres. It ensures that these tyres are perfect for the different types of vehicles they are designed for, the climate change, the driving conditions they will be used in and much more.

Features of Bridgestone Tyres: 

  • Aggressive Tread Pattern
  • Quiet Performance
  • Wear Control
  • Excellent tyre life
  • Superior wet and dry handling
  • Stylish and sporty sidewall design

Why Buy Bridgestone Tyres?

Save Fuel:

The Bridgestone tyres have a better rating than budget or mid-range tyres. Rolling resistance is the amount of friction the tyres will generate as they roll on the surface of the road. The more friction, the more fuel you will use. The tyres will also contribute around 20% to the overall fuel usage. Lower weight, aerodynamic design and special compounds of Bridgestone tyres help to reduce resistance and save fuel.

Long-lasting tyre life: 

Bridgestone select Marrickville tyres will last longer when compared to budget tyres because they are made from high-quality rubber. The longer your tyres last, the more money you save over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Better performance:

The fine tuning in a Bridgestone tyre’s design improves your vehicle’s handling under hard braking and cornering.

These are the reasons why you should purchase premium branded tyres like Bridgestone. However, the choice of tyres will depend on the type of car you have, how often, where and how you drive it, as well as many other factors. So, contact the reliable tyre professionals and get expert advice to choose the best tyres for your vehicle.